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Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Jersey Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor

   The Gaggle Of Noobs is always on the look out for sponsors of the paintball team, and the Scenario Team itself. We aren't looking for a lot of sponsors, or a lot of money, but we are open to almost anything.

   We like to support local small businesses and typically want to get sponsors that we deal with on a normal basis. If you think your company could help the Gaggle, as much as the Gaggle could help your business, please let us know.

   IF you want to sponsor us, let us know and if you just want to donate the team money for our events, we will figure out a way to think you and let everyone know how much you helped.
Paintball: Home Field and Pro Shop
Skyline Paintball & Laser Tag

   The Gaggle of Noobs started playing at Skyline Paintball in Strasburg, VA on October 6, 2012. We went there just to see what this whole paintball thing was about.

   We still go to Skyline, they treat the Gaggle incredibly well, and the team just enjoys everyone at the field and everyone that is in the shop. Skyline is our home field, and pro shop and probably always will be.
Paintball: Scenario Jersey Sponsor
Dyzana Paintball

   We met Tim and his crew at the Invasion of Normandy 2015 at Skirmish. They all were very approachable, friendly and willing to listen and even asked questions.

   They are a newer paintball company and the Gaggle wants to help grow the sport and the sport grows by companies staying in business and becoming known. They mentioned they would be open to sponsoring us, IF we were open to the idea. But of course.
Paintball: Financial Sponsor
Fran's American Doll Clothes
Fran's American Doll Clothes

   Fran Luttrell is not only the "Team Mother" she is also a financial banker of the Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team. She continues to contribute small amounts without being asked to help. This allows the Scenario Team to attend Big Games and to travel further afield.

   We would still be able to do what we do, but she makes it a little bit easier and she is also a huge helper when it comes to raising money for the charities we help. IF you or your daughters have an American Doll and want locally made, by hand, Doll Clothes, you have to check out her offerings.
Gun Club: Home Pistol Range and Gun Shop
Ares Arsenal & Gunsmithing, LLC
Web Link Under Construction

   We have teamed up with Ares Arsenal and Gunsmithing, LLC so the Gaggle Gun Club has a place to go for training, target practice and just to be able to shoot our actual weapons in a safe and convenient location.

   In order to get the Gaggle Discounts, you have to be a Gaggle Member or Supporter and have the ID with you to get the special disounts.

   We encourage all of our members to support local businesses that support the rank and file of the Gaggle of Noobs. Now, clean your gear and get ready for some range time this coming year.
Paintball: Veterinary Clinic
Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic

   We have teamed up with Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic so all Gaggle Members and Supporters have a place that offers them a discount for their pet care.

   Dr. Pfouts has been working at Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic since 2002 and is the current owner. Mike March, the leader of the Gaggle, has been taking his dogs and cats to see Dr. Pfouts since at least 2005. Currently Mike and his wife Tammy have 4 cats under the care of Dr. Pfouts and could not be happier.

   We encourage all of our members to support local businesses that support the rank and file of the Gaggle of Noobs and when those businesses offer Gaggle members and supporters 10% discounts (some restrictions apply), we happily suggest everyone join the Gagggle and support our Sponsors.
Paintball: Car Salesman
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor Kevin Linn at Malloy Toyota

   Kevin Linn, a long time Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Player is currently working or Malloy Toyota. If you are in the market for a new car, the Gaggle would like to suggest you head over first to Malloy Toyota and talk with Kevin Linn.

   He will treat all Gaggle Members at least as well as he treats everyone else, and with a little luck, Kevin might be able to do a little bit more for you. PLEASE - visit Malloy Toyota first, and most importanly, see Kevin Linn and take your Gaggle ID with you!
Paintball: Car Salesman
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor Adam Martin, Realtor

   Adam Martin is another long time friend and Supporter of the Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Team. Adam is offering a great date night package for you and your special person, if you purchase a house from him, while using him as your Realtor. For much more information, please contact Adam, and always remember to have your Gaggle ID and if you are looking for a house, please, talk with Adam.

   We support those, that support the Gaggle and Adam has been a supporter, and PLAYER for a few years.

Paintball: Landscaper
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor A Cut Above - Landscaping and Lawn Service

   A Cut Above Landscaping and Lawn Care has been the company Mike March (The Leader of the Gaggle) has used at his own home since 2008. Travis, the owner of the company is a hard working, honest and competitively priced service provider and is also just a great person. Mike would suggest you at least give Travis and A Cut Above a call to find out how they can make your life a bit easier, and how YOU can help a local small business.

Paintball: Health Food Store
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor Naturally Yours - Health Food Store

   Naturally Yours is a great Health Food Store in a really prime location at the Rutherford Crossing Shopping District near Stephenson, VA. We promote Whole Health Specialties and provide personalized service. Naturally Yours features the finest vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, flower essences, essential oils, and personal care items. Make sure to take your Gaggle of Noobs Membership Card to get the Gaggle Discount! No Card, no discount!

www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com

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