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Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Jersey Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor

   The Gaggle Of Noobs has been around a long time. We started as a group of friends playing on online game, and spread all around the country, and around the world. A few eventually decided to do something different and actually get together and do something real. Something almost important, but at least something that got them out of the basement. Paintball became the next thing the Gaggle Of Noobs would venture into.

   After playing paintball since October 2012, a few players have ventured out, not wanting to actually get better, as much as seeing what happens at other fields, other big events and other states. This is how the Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Paintball Team came about.

   The Gaggle of Noobs Scenario Paintball Team is made up of players from the normal Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Team. Other than cost to join, the biggest difference is the Scenario Team will go to other fields, and take part in larger big games and scenario events.

   The first big game outside of Skyline Paintball in Strasburg, our home field and pro shop, was a trip on June 7, 2015 to Hogback Mountain Paintball in Leesburg VA to take part in their "Normandy Invasion Big Game". It was the largest group the Gaggle had ever been a part of and at that event, we took the "German" side of the battle. A reported player count was between 650 and 700. The Gaggle had 11 at the event. People at that event talked about forming a Scenario Team while resting between the games. Most players that took part will eventually find their way to the Scenario Team and make up the core of the team leadership going forward.

   Our next step was to take part in the largest paintball game in the country. We headed north and became part of the 13th Annual Invasion of Normandy at Skirmish Paintball in Albrightsville, PA on July 10 - 12, 2015. We had four Gagglers at that event, and we again took the "German" side and ended up being on the winning team at the event. We had never been in the center of such a big, awe inspiring, paintball gathering and we all were a little speechless at first. We adjusted quickly and had a great time over the three days we were there.

   From there we decided nothing could compare to this type of play, and we also decided to get back to having fun and to just play paintball. Building a bigger overall team has taken away from the fun that Paintball should be. So, we will play paintball and the more serious amongst us will play on the Scenario Team and look for bigger things for that group of players.

   We are also, sadly, bringing our drive to buy more and more bikes and helmets for Toys For Tots to an end. We will continue to raise money for causes we contribute to each month, but as far as setting a goal and working to get there, that has come to an end. Over the previous three seasons the Gaggle raised enough money to buy 200 bikes, helmets and assorted gifts for the local chapter of Toys For Tots.

   We estimate the Gaggle raised between $10,000 and $14,000 over the past three years. We will contribute to them still, but only what we can raise during the season without a set in stone goal.

   We do encourage everyone that visits this page to think about other people more often and help the less fortunate when and where you can. If you see a Gaggle member and you want to contribute to our causes, ask them how you can help. Or simply join the Gaggle itself and know your membership fees will go to good causes anyway.

www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com

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