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Our Lifetime Members

   Many people were not aware we had "Lifetime Memberships", that included Mike "Serrecko" March. Here is the back story to these four amazing ladies and the creation of the Gaggle Lifetime Memberships.

   I had been pushing like crazy to have as many people join the Gaggle as possible, as quickly as possible for 2016. I wanted to get as much of the fund raising behind the Gaggle, so we, and mainly ME, could just play paintball this year. However, things happen, news was bad, and my plans shifted quickly from making sure the Gaggle had plenty of revenue for our charities and to play paintball, to one of making sure the Gaggle of Noobs lives on once I am out of the picture.

   I woke up early, at least for me and checked my NFCU account to see if anything had hit my account, and I saw two wildly high deposits from folks I have been trying to get into the Gaggle since last year. Well, I sent an e-mail requesting their account numbers so I could transfer back the overages. A few hours later, I got a reply saying the deposit amounts were correct, and I was to use anything over the cost of a membership to any charity I wanted to make a donation to. Then, in comes another deposit for the same amount, and not long thereafter, in comes a fourth.

   I was, and still am astonished at the amount these women donated to the Gaggle of Noobs, for our charities, without me asking for anything. Normally I have to plead, beg, conjoule, guilt and generally make myself a pain in the ass to yank $25 from the closed hearts and purse strings of probably the best paid workforce in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.

   Interestingly, I don't care how many people turn against me, as long as they join the Gaggle, and help US, help others. I think most of those we work with, can give up about 2 hours of their yearly income, YEARLY INCOME, to help others. If they don't think they can, I will keep pushing and pushing until I get them to join. Otherwise, I tend to understand them more than they understand themselves. I am Italian enough to put people like that into a group that get no further help from me. I believe my God understands and agrees.

   But these four women, who I have known for most of my time at NFCU just donated out of the kindness of their hearts. I am not naive enough to think my terminal illness had nothing to do with it, but regardless of why they did it, they just did it. I teared up, got emotional about it and I could not think of a better way of saying Thank you than to give them lifetime memberships to the Gaggle for as long as their is a Gaggle.

   These four Heroes will never have to join the Gaggle of Noobs again. They will forever be a Gaggle Member. I only wish there were more like these four, all over the place. I have faith in humanity when I think about this women.

I am forever in your debts. You have made a dying man proud to call you all friends.

God bless you all.

Mike "Serrecko" March
January 31, 2016

www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com

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