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A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor

   If you are wondering why we play paintball, and why we hope more and more folks join us on the fields, look no further than this page. We will be finding videos all over the web to give you a single place to check out what we find so enjoyable.

   As far as paintball "hurting" too much to play, just remember we like to play in the winter when you wear layers of clothes and hardly feel the paintballs hitting you. So that whole excuse is hard for us to believe. Of course from time to time you will get a "stinger" but overall, it's rather painfree.

   Our history of playing paintball started and stayed at Skyline Paintball from 2012 through 2015. Only in 2015 did the team venture out to play scenario games. We had played a few at Skyline, but we ended up going to bigger and bigger scenarios.

   We also play paintball at Skyline Paintball because not only is that where we played for the first time, but they have always treated the Gaggle very well. From our very first game through the 30th game, they are almost an extension of the Gaggle. They, like us, do a lot for the community and together we hope to raise more money in 2016 then we have ever raised before. Visit Skyline Paintball and Laser Tag and bring your friends and have a great time with a great family business!

Austin Coco's "Gaggle vs The World" Teaser for
our "Bobby Dukes Day 2013".

   One of our events in 2013 was called "Bobby Dukes Day" based on the characters from the movie "Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story". We were actually contacted by the director and producer of the movie and they sent us a lot of free stuff to give away during our event.

   The biggest part of the event was The Gaggle of Noobs vs The World. More or less, all 15 players that Gaggle had versus the 60-80 players that were at the field that day. This is the teaser put together by a member of the Gaggle, Austin Coco.

   The Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Paintball Team took 4 people to Skirmish USA in Albrightsville, PA to take part in the largest paintball event in the country. The 13th Annual Invasion of Normandy! The few of us that went, had a blast! The Gaggle was see and can be seen in other videos on YouTube since you can't miss our smiley masks!

   The Gaggle Scenario Team's first major event outside of Skyline Paintball or even Virginia itself was well worth the five hour drive and the crappy hotel we stayed in for 2 days. This will be our main Scenario Team Event each year going forward.

The "German" side of the Invasion Beaches.
The Gaggle played on the "German" side.
The "Germans" won the event.

Pictures from the Skirmish trip, before,
during and after. Everyone that went had
the paintball experience of a lifetime.

   When people ask us why we like to play paintball, we usually can't explain just how much fun this sport is. Maybe if you watch some of our videos here, you might get a small understanding why those of the Gaggle that do play paintball, love to play.

   Watch the videos, and if you want to come out and play, just let us know. And at least keep visiting the web site, we will keep our paintball events on the main page when we decide on a date each month.

www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com www.TheGaggleOfNoobs.com

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